How can Workzoom help with Workplace Safety and Covid Policies?

The last two years have been challenging for individuals and businesses alike as we all attempt to navigate the world of work and the far-reaching impacts of Covid-19. Workplace safety is critical during a global pandemic to help protect employees, customers, and the business. The spread of COVID-19 has made it essential for employers to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of transmission in their workplaces.

Workplace Safety During A Global Pandemic

Implementing workplace safety protocols such as physical distancing, enhanced cleaning/disinfection procedures, wearing face coverings, and providing access to hand sanitizer can greatly reduce the risk of infection within your work environment. Which helps maintain employee morale, by demonstrating appropriate measures are being taken. Additionally, having a comprehensive health and safety plan in place not only protects workers but also helps prevent potential legal liabilities if an employee contracts COVID-19 at work or passes. As we transition to a "new normal", Workzoom has been hard at work refining how we use technology to help our clients keep their teams and workplaces safe. Learn more about how Workzoom is becoming more pandemic friendly.

Scheduling and tracking vaccine status

Workplace safety means the right people have access to the right places and tasks. Workzoom provides businesses with the ability to define vaccine status as a competency for within the system. When schedules are automatically generated, or when shifts become available. Only employees that have confirmed their double-vaccination competency will be eligible to fill those shifts. This streamlines the staff scheduling process, making the process of changing shifts head-ache free.

Clocking with masks and temperature checks

Clocking with masks and temperature checks is one of the most effective ways to ensure workplace safety. This method requires that all employees wear face masks while on-site. Additionally, each employee should have their temperature checked before entering the building. If an individual's temperature is too high, they should be sent home immediately and take sick leave. Temperature checks can identify any potential symptoms of COVID-19, so that appropriate action can be taken minimizing the further spread of the virus. By following these protocols, businesses can help protect both their staff and customers from becoming infected with COVID-19.

Workzoom is proud to provide our clients with the latest and greatest technology when it comes to clocking and temperature checks. If your devices need an upgrade, Workzoom's clocks are capable of facial recognition clocking even when employees are wearing masks. As an additional precaution, our devices are also capable of doing a temperate check on clock in/out.

Can Workzoom help you navigate the impacts of Covid-19 on the workplace? Get started with us today and try for free.