The Evolution of Workzoom from Founder, Linda Woolley

Workzoom launched in 2020, but the evolution of Nortek Solutions Inc.'s product offering has been ongoing for over 10 years! This week we sat down with Founder, Linda Woolley, for some insight into how Workzoom started.

Why did you get into the HR software business?

"When I founded Nortek Solutions Inc. back in 2000, I was on a mission to help companies leverage the technology of the internet. Prior to Nortek, I had founded and grown an on-premise software company focused on HR/Payroll systems. The Internet was providing new opportunities for companies to get greater value from these systems."

Can you tell us a bit more about Nortek's history?

"During our first decade, Nortek provided consulting and development services to a number of leading organizations in North America. In 2010, we received government funding to build agile, multi-tenanted technology for the Cloud from the ground up. Andy Woolley, now President, and I architected the Curos Technology Platform which laid the foundation for our people management software and gave us an amazing competitive advantage."

How did Workzoom come to be?

"Our initial product, known as the Nortek People Management Software, gained a solid footing in the market with clients across North America and internationally. The product scope quickly expanded to include all aspects of HR, Talent, Workforce, Payroll and more. The functionality evolved and matured as we onboarded clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. We continued to invest heavily in research and development to prepare for the future. Workzoom is the result of all of these efforts and is the next generation of our people management software.

Workzoom planning began in 2018, with our overall goals of engaging employees, enlightening leaders and helping clients grow. Today, Workzoom empowers everyone in the organization by providing a central hub for all personnel activities, improving administrative efficiencies and harnessing data through dashboards  and insight to help leaders make better decisions."

What's up next for Workzoom?

"2021 is going to be a big year for Workzoom! We're currently expanding our market presence to share Workzoom's numerous benefits. We're also perfecting our delivery model and growing our incredible team."

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