2021 To Dos with Workzoom

Happy New Year! With a fresh start in 2021, you might have a whole new set of goals, objectives and priorities. These might have been passed down to you from company initiatives, or something you've resolved to improve upon within your own role.

From HR to Payroll to Time Off to Benefits, you probably have a lot on the go at the same time! For some, this could mean sticky notes and non-stop emails, for others it could mean trying to remember which note software you last updated. Thanks to Workzoom's RACI-based priorities, your people management To Dos front and centre of your dashboard. All of your activities stay organized and prioritized based on type, due date and urgency.

What's urgency all about you may ask? Well, when you have a bunch of the same activities (for example, approving timesheets) with different due dates, the added dimension of urgency helps you prioritize which ones to do first. Urgency categories include things like Due Now and Due Soon so you'll know exactly where to spend your time. Let's face it, even with everything organized at your fingertips you may get wrapped up in something else, so your Overdue activities are always shown first so you'll know right away!

Let Workzoom be a part of your resolution this year to get organized. We'll get your people management in order so you can spend more time focusing on other areas of your role. Together, we'll make magic happen in 2021!