Nortek's 20th Year

With the holidays coming up, it feels even more important this year to reflect and be grateful. 2020, despite its immense challenges, has still been a fulfilling one for Nortek. Looking back, we've learned a few things:

Video Calls Are Almost As Good as Face-to-Face

We've never been farther apart but our teams still see each other every. single. day. There are no shared playlists, or office antics but there are plenty of kids popping in to ask random questions and the odd barking dog to keep things interesting!

More Aligned Than Ever Before

Across the organization we're using Workzoom to keep all our goals aligned! Even without daily office hecklings, everyone still knows where we're headed and how they can help get us there.

We’re Expanding Our Social Networks

We've been in the business for a long time, but this year we've finally decided to throw our hat in the social ring to give you a better idea of what it is that make us "us". This fall we launched a new website and blog and we're having so much fun, our Linkedin following has even gone up 720%! We hope it's shedding valuable and different light onto Nortek and Workzoom.

We’ve Learned a Lot in 20 Years

2020 marked our 20th anniversary! At the beginning of the year it was looking like a big celebration with the whole team, maybe our office favorite of a BBQ and some great music but this year had other plans. We still got a chance to think back on how we've grown, and to celebrate the 10 year work anniversaries of both Tony and Clark.

Workzoom's Paying It Forward

Although we're disappointed we can't get our team together this year to celebrate, we're so excited to have a unique opportunity to pay it forward. This year we'll be donating our Christmas party budget in its entirety to local charities including The Refuge (Oshawa), Durham Children's Aid Foundation (Oshawa), Roger Neilson House (Ottawa), BC Children's Hospital (Vancouver) and Food Banks Canada (country-wide).

2021 Is the Year of Workzoom

Workzoom is an amazing solution for high performance enterprises, but you already knew that! We're helping companies with unique needs meet and exceed their people management goals. We've got SO MUCH more in store for our clients next year!

Last but definitely not least, we'd like to warmly welcome this year's new clients. We have some awesome announcements coming up for 2021 with respect to compliance, learning management and payroll! Stay tuned for more info.