Core Value: Fail Fast and Iterate

It's been a couple months since our last Core Value so we're back at it again, breaking down our guiding principles to give you an idea of what it means to work with (and for) Workzoom. Our Core Value #3 is Fail Fast and Iterate. Is it a challenging one? Yes. Does it force us to think fast, adapt, and never get too committed to any concept or idea too quickly? Also yes.

How Workzoom Fail Fast and Iterates

When you work with the Workzoom team, you'll quickly understand what it means to Fail Fast and Iterate because we do it every. single. day. We come up with concepts to solve problems and put them to use as quickly as we can so we can bring them to life, experience them and improve them in a very short timeline. This keeps anyone from 'falling in love' with a concept that might not be best for the project they're working on. It also gets the whole team involved early and regularly, so that nothing is ever a surprise. Failing fast and iterating also means it's ok to try things that might not work, and we really don't see it as "failing" in a traditional sense. It's really about trying, testing and being willing and able to quickly try something else if its not a good fit to help us achieve our goals.

How our team connects

Failing fast and iterating might seem like it’s an individual mindset but it actually brings our team very close together. Because we connect with each other regularly on all our projects, there's never any risk of someone taking something through to its final state and then it not working with the rest of the team. We're always working together, leveraging each others' strengths and offsetting each others' weaknesses to achieve the best possible outcome regardless of the project.

Everyone benefits

This Core Value isn't just for our development team either! All of our departments work closely on quick iterations whether we're building a landing page for a marketing initiative, creating a video for sales, or putting together a strategic planning session for management. There's nothing quite as humbling or empowering as working on something, putting it out there, improving on it with great feedback, achieving great results and feeling closely connected to your team.