Feature Friday: Workplace Clocking

Clocking is a system used in the workplace for tracking and recording employee work hours. This system is used to ensure that employees are paid accurately and they are not exceeding the amount of hours they are allowed to work. Clocking in and out also allows employers to monitor employee productivity and ensure that they are following the rules and regulations set forth by the company. 

How does Workzoom handle Clocking?

Adjusting to working remote has had its ups and downs, and Workzoom is helping companies adapt and overcome these challenges.  Workzoom supports clocking in and out no matter where your employees are working right now… whether its at home, at the office or a combination of both. Workzoom's clocking system can be used to track employee attendance, schedule shifts, and manage payroll. By tracking employee time and attendance, employers can better manage their workforce. This system can also help employers identify areas where employees are not meeting their goals for productivity with it's performance management.

What features are included with Workzoom Clocking?

Workzoom provides employees the ability to clock in and out using technology known as geofencing. This enables your team to use their own devices, rather than a shared clocking device at the office. Remote employees can simply log into their home dashboard to clock in. This can be done from any device whether it's a phone, tablet or desktop.

Clocking can be implemented at your workplace as well so your team can adhere to Covid policies to stay socially distant by avoiding congregating around one shared clocking device. Workzoom clients with a mobile workforce are also loving clocking while they're on-the-go. Did you know that Workzoom has an app on the AppStore? Their teams can log time worked at different job sites quickly and easily with their location information enabled. Managers can review clocking information through our dashboards. Also, note that in and out punches are logged with work locations information included.

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