Feature Friday: Anywhere, Anytime Access

2020 has brought about a never-before-seen transformation to the standard workday for so many different roles! If your commute has gone from 2 hours to 2 minutes, or you've assumed a second full time role as a teacher, it's never been more important to have flexibility when it comes to managing your people.

Access Workzoom 24/7

Even flexibility might look different for every role, for some it might mean your work day runs late into the night, for others you might need to do a few things on the go. No matter who you are or how things have changed for you, Workzoom is there for you 24/7 from any device. 

A Cloud Based Solution

Access Workzoom at any time from any device with a browser. It is a cloud based solution meaning all devices can run the solution. Workzoom has been optimized for every screen size, so it will look and feel great whether you're logging in from your PC at the office, your iPad on the bus, or your smartphone from your couch.

Product Security

We've accounted for high security encryption and regular backups to keep your data safe wherever you access it from. We've also got you covered with the majority of web browsers and software versions being compatible with Workzoom.

Stay Connected

Whether your employees need to quickly check their calendar on their phone, your managers want to check in on their team on a tablet, or you've got administrative processing to do on your computer, everyone can stay connected wherever they might be.