Workzoom's Iterative Launch Process

With Workzoom, Nortek has turned what's traditionally known as "software implementation" into an exciting, high ROI process we've coined Workzoom Launch. Read on to learn how our Launch goes above and beyond the traditional implementation process in a fraction of the time, while streamlining your experience and making the most of our time together.

Our Launch team is focused on getting you value out of every interaction with our team and with Workzoom from day 1 of the Launch Process. Workzoom's greatest strength is the ability for Nortek to configure Workzoom to very closely fit your needs. To do this, we require a close working relationship with you so we can help you make the most of the solution. To maximize our time together, we work in an iterative fashion. This means shorter, highly organized timelines and clear objectives to manage the effort involved and the impact of change from both sides. With every iteration, we build upon your solution and help you gain confidence in performing all the activities you need in Workzoom.

In each iteration, there are a few key phases:


This phase focuses on a mutual sharing of the client's solution requirements and Workzoom's capabilities, including an interactive orientation session followed by a discussion on the area(s) in focus. Launch documents are provided in advance for the subscribed modules to maximize the efficiency of each session. With the submission of completed launch documents, the scope of work can be agreed, and configuration will commence.


Collaborative sessions are held to tailor Workzoom to your requirements within the agreed scope of work. Each module will have its own session and help you understand and realize Workzoom's potential. Each successive module configuration session adds to the robustness of the scenarios experienced and enhances the understanding of the interconnectivity of an all in one solution.


This is when you get to experience your Workzoom solution in action. Checklists are provided that outline key areas for experience alongside specific scenarios.


Tuning is performed based on your experience, ensuring Workzoom is operating as per the agreed scope of work.


Following fine tuning, this is when you can perform robust validation activities to ensure the configuration meets the agreed scope of work. For clients subscribing to payroll, validation will include a payroll parallel.

Each Launch phase builds on the next, empowering you with knowledge and confidence every step of the way. Unlike the waterfall approach of traditional implementation which can be slow and costly, Workzoom Launch ensures you get value from the solution almost instantly, with that value growing every step of the way while also minimizing bottlenecks. Knowledge-sharing and experience in each iteration will get Workzoom working for you in no time!