Core Value: Go All-In

What are our Core Values?

Nortek's core values are our cultural cornerstones… they're the principles we use to guide our individual behavior and the behaviour of our company as a whole every single day. Whenever we're faced with new opportunities or challenges we keep our core values close at hand.

Over the next few months we're going to shine a light on those values for you, so you get a better idea of what's important to Nortek and what helps us make decisions that best reflect who we are and where we're headed. Sticking to our values helps us stay true to our promise to you… to engage your employees, enlighten your leaders and grow your business.

First Core Value: Go All-In

Our first core value is Go all-in. If you were to pop into the Nortek office any given day (pre-pandemic that is) you might see people coming and going. There's no punch clock, no scheduled breaks. Our team goes all-in with their work. Managers aren't standing over monitors supervising their teams, they're leading by example and keeping people accountable. Everyone gets the opportunity to become an expert in their chosen subject area by achieving goals, more often than not, they set for themselves. When a member of our team finds something they feel could be improved upon for our clients they start with defining the problem, and then come up with multiple solutions and work with the team to achieve their goal. They get a chance to develop themselves, Nortek improves and most importantly our clients reap the benefits! These improvements are being made all the time from infrastructure (great work John!) to product development right through to sales.

We lovingly refer to Going all-in as the "Nortek lifestyle" because this mindset does sometimes keep us up at night pondering solutions to a particular challenge… but it also lets us be authentic in our work and feel proud of our achievements. The Nortek lifestyle keeps us challenged and focused with the help of a whole team there for support whenever we have questions or need to pivot… more on that for Core Value #2