Feature Friday: Timekeeping

You probably have a handle of your company's budget but do you know where your company time is being spent? Are you struggling with paper-based or manual time entries? Do you want to understand where time is being lost or gained but aren't sure where to start? Workzoom Timekeeping gives you everything you need to track, review, and optimize time spent by your entire team.

"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money but you cannot get more time"

Jim Rohn

Review Employee Clocking Status

Whether you use web clocking, biometric readers, swipe cards or prefer to let your team input their time manually, once your employees clock in that data is automatically sent to their manager or supervisor for review. Employees can see an overview of their current clocking status right from their Workzoom dashboard so they always know when they last clocked in or out.

Management Activities In Timekeeping

For managers and supervisors, they have the ability look at their whole team's time worked through the day's roster. From the roster they can make larger team-related edits like a team town hall meeting, adding missed punches for the staff or any absences due to last-minute time off. At a glance, they're able to feel completely informed and in-control of where and when your staff are working.

Timekeeping's Effect On Payroll

When payroll time comes around, after managers have reviewed and approved time worked it automatically flows to Payroll for your payroll specialist or administrator for processing. Having all your time data in one place makes it easy to audit and analyze using Workzoom's reports. Over time, your analytics and reports may bring to light things that are working well for your company and things that can be improved so you can maximize the value of your time.