Streamlining Multiple Systems with Workzoom

Are you struggling with maintaining your personnel data in multiple solutions? Maybe it's job postings in one place, HR data in another, time tracking somewhere else? We have prospects coming to us regularly struggling with countless hours, if not days they spend manually transferring data from one place to another.

An all-in-one people management solution

They're not gaining insight from big picture trends, reports or analytics to help them make better decisions. They're not able to optimize how their time is being spent in different departments so they can save time (and money!). They're completely consumed with the simple act of keeping their information up-to-date.

Integrating all your data in one place

If you or your team are spending your days navigating a patchwork of systems, surrounded by sticky notes of usernames and passwords and you're wondering if there's an easier way… Workzoom can help! To start, Workzoom houses all your employee data, records and documents in one place. With one username and password, you can access all your information from any device. If you've subscribed to multiple suites, your data is automatically connected throughout your entire solution, removing the need for repetitive manual entry of any kind. This not only eliminates errors, it also saves you a ton of time.

How Workzoom redefines your scheduling process

If your schedules are on paper (or even spreadsheet-based) and you have to create them from scratch on a regular basis, Workzoom can help you here as well. Workforce has a ton of valuable features including templates for set up, as well as pre-determined time rules to automate all your calculations like shift premiums and meals for accurate payroll calculations. For empty shifts, whether they're last minute or scheduled time off, Workzoom automatically determines who is pre-qualified. This ensures managers aren't left calling or texting whoever comes to mind at the last minute.

How Workzoom streamlines multiple systems together

Streamlining all your solutions into one also gives you some pretty epic big picture perspective. Workzoom dashboards take all your data by subject and point out key details and trends over time… at-a-glance. Every subject comes complete with insightful reports created by subject-matter-experts that you can access any time, anywhere. You can also customize these reports to suit your needs, or create them from scratch.

If you're considering a switch, now is a great time to do it! We just announced super simple per-employee-per-month pricing for suites that come with everything you need to engage your employees, enlighten your leaders and grow your business. Simplify your world and let Workzoom do the heavy lifting for your administration so you can get back to focusing on your work!