The Hidden Costs of Traditional HRIS Vendors

Traditional HRIS vendors spend more time, effort, and money on sales and marketing than they do on their actual products. You'll fall in love with what you THINK you're buying. Once you're locked into a long-term contract and a big investment has been made, you'll discover what you ACTUALLY bought. Their top-tier sales, marketing, and legal teams aren't the ones working with you to get your solution live. Unfortunately, the more time you spend attempting to implement your big purchase, the more convoluted your experience will get. 

Traditional vendors use consulting as a revenue source

If you haven't set aside a big budget for consulting, you might be in for a surprise. Vendors use consulting charges as a key revenue stream, so their goal is never an easy or intuitive onboarding process. Instead of fitting you into a working solution, the goal is to configure your way back to what you originally purchased. Big teams, countless meetings, and make-work projects are standard. Once you've completed this costly marathon, you'll be expected to pay consulting to maintain the solution or risk being denied support if you try to change anything yourself. 

Many solutions are more complicated than they appear

When it comes to the actual product, many are “Frankenstein” versions of different solutions that have been consolidated over the last few decades. This means you are being onboarded into a solution that may look like one product, but it is many different products. These products require the sharing of data, security permissions, and activity with one another. Your data may be migrated to multiple destinations, each with different consulting teams for all of the sub-products you unknowingly bought. 

Built from the ground up for simplified onboarding

I have worked in this market for almost thirty years, and it's clear that the buyer’s journey is NOT getting any easier. With SaaS came some hope, but the game has quickly reverted back to long-term commitments and jaw-dropping starting costs. This is why my team and I created Workzoom. Our product delivers the same benefits of having an HRIS for your business but with a completely different sales, implementation, and ongoing support experience. Over the last 15 years, we built this entire end-to-end product from the ground up. 

We are invested in the success of our clients

We approach our clients completely differently - we don't hide behind long-term contracts or complex agreements. We are laser-focused on getting your organization the value and results you want and need from Workzoom. We invest in you and share the risks and costs of adopting Workzoom. Our agreement is simple with no term - we prefer to earn your business continuously. We work together with your team at your pace while we coach, configure, and empower your independence in the solution at no additional cost to you. 

Workzoom prioritizes time-to-value

We're proud of our product and work hard at creating an engaging, intuitive user experience that your entire company will love. Our onboarding process is simple and effective. We don't require any consulting or implementation fees because we have developed a fast and intuitive method that demonstrates our product's agility and delivers time-to-value almost immediately. We want to help you achieve your objectives quickly and with no risk. As a business, we invest heavily in product development and our onboarding team as they are integral in bringing value to our clients’ worlds. 

If you've had a bad experience with a popular vendor, or if you're looking into HR software for the first time, we want to show you how our HR solution can completely change your world... without driving you crazy or emptying your bank account.

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