What are the Benefits of Agile Implementation?

Workzoom’s President often shares a story about a boat his family had on Lake Ontario. This was before cell phones and GPS were around to guide their journey. You could make the trek across the water, traveling on the lake for six hours as expected to the United States. But, when you touch down on land, you could still be hours away from your actual destination.

This means when you first took off, you were just slightly aiming in the wrong direction, which has big impacts on results.

This is exactly why Workzoom takes an agile approach to implementing our system into your company.

Agile means constantly aligning and ensuring we’re taking the small steps to arrive at where you want to be. If you’re not aligning and ensuring the coordinates are correct, you can end up a long way from where you initially wanted to go.

Agile implementation means you can learn quickly, adapt quickly and achieve quickly.

We’ve streamlined the implementation process for a fast, high-ROI way for you to consolidate and automate your data.

You don’t have the time to get into the nitty-gritty details of building a system from scratch. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and while we fine-tune our system to fit your needs, we’ll be alongside you every step of the way.

You don’t need unlimited time, resources and consultants to implement a big, positive change in your company. You’re not coming to us for consultants. You’re coming to us for configuration.

With our methods, you can see what works for your business and build more from there. You can try Workzoom’s features out and then share what works for you. With your feedback, we calibrate our system and know what to change, what to drop and what to add to our next iteration for your organization.

Why agile implementation works

Agile implementation works because your people are part of the live configuration process. You don’t need to fumble through dozens of thick manuals to get results.

We start small to see proof and value, and then we build from there.

You can see in real time what works for you and what doesn’t, then we can adjust quickly and easily.

With agile implementation, there’s no pressure to implement everything right on the very first try. It’s a process, and that’s okay.

If we build a partial solution quickly and keep iterating from there, you will see right away how Workzoom will influence your environment.

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