Meet the Workzoom Client Success Team

Workzoom's Client Success Team is all about getting our clients up and running on Workzoom and keeping them happy… through the Fit process and beyond! This week we touched base with our Client Onboarding Manager, Tammy Osborne, about what's happening with her and her team.

What does the Client Success do?

"We work with new clients to get them up and running on Workzoom. We also support clients on an ongoing basis, answering their queries and ensuring they continue to realize the value of their solution."

How does Client Success add value to Workzoom?

"We bring forward enhancement ideas and suggestions from our clients to the development team for consideration and inclusion in Workzoom. We also take care of the testing and experience of new features before they become available. We take the time to make sure our clients are aware of all the awesome new features and work with them to take advantage of the added value whenever the opportunity arises."

How is Workzoom's Launch process different from our competitors?

"We've gone to great lengths to ensure new clients realize the value of Workzoom almost instantly through our onboarding process… which can even start while clients are learning from the sales team so that they have everything they need to make a confident, informed decision when they decide to partner with us! We work on clients key pain points right up front so they can see how Workzoom alleviates those problems."

As Workzoom's Client Onboarding Manager, what are you most proud of so far?

"I'm proud of how simple and easy we have made client onboarding. We love seeing clients so engaged and excited to get into their Workzoom! When I compare it to our competition, our onboarding has become so simple it can be measured in days. We get the chance to work closely with clients over a short period of time so they get what they need from Workzoom as quickly as possible and they are able to see all the ways that we can help them achieve their goals."