Tracking Employee Time with Workzoom

Timesheets. Do you shudder at the thought? Filling them out, submitting them on time, reviewing them, approving them, confirming the details before they get sent to Payroll. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly? Need we go on? We have many prospects who come to us struggling with everything from time worked to time off. They need a good way to accurately track hours worked that doesn't rely on paper or the honor system (or both!).

How Workzoom helps you track time 

Workzoom Workforce has the ability to help you through all these challenges and so much more! When it comes to tracking time, Workzoom has a few different options. Time can be entered manually from an employee's dashboard OR there are a number of clocking options available including web, proximity or bio-metric clocking for maximum accuracy with minimal effort.

Simple employee time tracking

Time tracking lets you configure all time policies to meet your company standards and gives you complete visibility when it comes to time worked. This helps you ensure optimum staffing levels while also applying time rules consistently… plus the ability to generate reports on all your Time data whenever you need them. When it comes to time off, Workzoom gives managers the  ability to track and manage all time off for their team. When an employee submits a leave request, their manager is presented with previous absences, leave balances and team availability to give context so they can make an informed decision.

Are you thinking about doing a little re-organizing of your time tracking this spring? Book your free demo today.