Core Value: Have Fun

This week, we're back at it breaking down our cultural cornerstones… the principles we use to guide our behavior (and our company's behavior as a whole) every day. We keep our Core Values close whenever we're faced with new challenges and opportunities and sticking to our Core Values helps us stay true to our promise to you… To engage your employees, enlighten your leaders and help you grow your business.

How we Have Fun at Workzoom

Last month, we went all in on our first core value. This month we're focused on our second Core Value: Have fun! Ultimately the most fun one of them all, "Have fun!" originally started out as "Take a joke" which is what we do all day… every day. We literally can't get through a daily huddle meeting without a wise crack, and honestly we wouldn't have it any other way. Our second Core Value evolved into "Have fun!" because enjoying yourself at work is so much more than bad jokes… it's almost a lifestyle in and of itself. Whenever we're faced with challenges at work, we know that we're all in this together and although the journey has it's ups and downs it's only a matter of time until we get back to the good times.

We live "Have fun!" in a number of ways around here, the first one that comes to mind is the running joke about our developer Clark's tractor. After moving to a beautiful new home in the country, Clark managed to run over his internet cable putting him out of commission for work until it was repaired. Now, no matter where you are, if your internet cuts out it's because Clark's got his tractor out again!

Even though bad jokes are our forte, we "Have fun!" in all kinds of ways… from party playlists in our open office and impromptu summer barbeques out on the office deck (which we can't wait to get back to!), to Friday mini-basketball shoot outs, to bringing our dogs to work, to running together in the woods (if you're someone who enjoys this kind of craziness). Having fun together outside of our roles makes our team even stronger so we can serve you better!