Why Performance Reviews matter

Connecting with your whole team regularly is a good way to maintain alignment and curb negative habits, but more importantly it can drastically improve engagement with their work, their co-workers and the company to greatly benefit everyone involved.

If you've ever given glowing performance reviews and seen how they impact your team, you understand just how important they are! One-on-one time outside of day-to-day work is an amazing way to take a step back and check in on your employee's big picture personally (in terms of their career) and how their unique contributions are impacting the organization. 

How can Workzoom Performance Reviews help?

Workzoom's performance reviews give you the ability to improve performance management across your whole organization starting with setting a frequency that suits your business. In the past, this has been a once-a-year formal sit down, but in recent years companies have found they benefit from more regular check-ins to make sure their team is happy and focused. Workzoom notifies you in advance when your team members' reviews are approaching so you're ready when the time comes.

How can Performance Reviews provide meaningful feedback?

Performance reviews in Workzoom start with employee feedback. Employees receive a self-evaluation to complete, then their manager will sit down and review their performance soft skills and overall impact subjectively with the help of company-specific prompts. If your organization uses Workzoom to align and track goals, managers are also able to see and review an employee's impact from a more objective perspective. If it suits your business, Workzoom gives you the ability to collect 360 degree peer reviews from your employees coworkers as well to determine how their work is impacting their team members.

Workzoom stores reviews year over year

Workzoom's centralized database makes it ultra-convenient to track employee performance year over year. Talent tools also provide you with the ability to incorporate succession planning so you can look back at past performance while also planning learning and development activities for the future. If this sounds like the perfect fit for measuring performance and making magic happen in your organization, get started with a demo and see for yourself!