Stop Manual Data Entry with One Seamless System

Payroll managers have so much to stay on top of. From the constant pressure of communicating with different departments to ensuring all data is up to date and accurate. The pressure of dealing with deadlines and the potential consequences of mistakes can create an overwhelmingly stressful work environment.

Payroll managers need to be able to use their time effectively to make sure that tasks are completed not only on time, but accurately. We get it—there are only so many hours in a day.

But it’s not a lost cause. In a stressful job with so much to stay on top of, there are ways to make your life easier.

Manual data entry is stressful and time consuming

The added stress of manual data input is not only time-consuming, but unreliable. Manual data entry can cause needless human error to enter your organization’s systems. Even a small mistake in entering data can cause discrepancies and impact employee pay.

Manual entry consumes so much of your valuable time. It becomes a tedious process that takes away from time that could be better spent in other areas of productivity.

The sensitive information payroll managers deal with needs to be handled securely and confidentially, and is often in different systems from dozens of spreadsheets to good-old-fashioned paper. 

On top of that, administrators are often forced to chase down data from employees. All of these stresses lead to increased pressure and less time to complete payroll, which is detrimental to the payroll process.

How can you make the process easier?

  • Hire sufficient, experienced staff to ensure you have the required expertise on your side.
  • Ensure that all work is double-checked to your company’s operational standards.
  • Identify the source of data inaccuracies to try to mitigate them at the source.
  • Leverage appropriate software tools to simplify the process.

You’re not a supercomputer, and that’s okay. That’s where we come in.

You can easily solve issues with data discrepancies stemming from manual input of leaves, benefits, employee changes, expenses, compensation changes and more.

Workzoom can help

With Workzoom, everything you need for an HR and payroll solution is provided to you, all in one place. 

Information flows seamlessly through Workzoom’s system, ensuring all payroll collection and calculations are completed within one system.

No matter how intricate your pay details get, the pay process is always simple even if your company hosts different payrolls, frequencies or pay types.

With our simplified process, Workzoom does the heavy lifting, resulting in payroll becoming a simple, 3-step process. Our program creates and distributes paystubs into every worker’s personal dashboard.

Payroll no longer has to chase data—it’s always available in real time, at your fingertips.

Workzoom collects the needed data and allows managers to approve time and labour costs, get new hires up to speed efficiently, adjust compensation, handle promotions or manage terminations and more.

Our system allows for accurate collection and approval of time right at the source. Our software supports electronic time sheet entry, which flows straight to administrators for approval. Depending on your chosen process, you can also have pay based on standard hours without the need to manage timesheets. All necessary information flows through to payroll.

You will have full transparency with what’s hitting your payroll, as it happens. This includes role-based permissions, dashboards, real time reporting and data querying.

Working with Workzoom results in on-time payroll for workers, easy access to pay stubs in self-service and simplification of payroll tax filing.

Workzoom enables your company to use a seamless workflow system to end your payroll headaches.