How to Improve New Hire Onboarding with Workzoom

Are your onboarding efforts going the way you imagined? Or… Are manual systems wasting time & confusing—everyone? Is payroll frustrated not getting what they need, when they need it? Do departments wonder ‘what’s going on’ with systems that don’t talk to each other

If this sounds like you, you must feel like HR is running you, instead of empowering your organization.

And… like you’re doing little of what you were built for. We’re sure you signed up to help people, while looking into their eyes. Not staring at soul-less screens, then putting out the next onboarding fire.

Unfortunately, we see this way too often. And where…

Department leaders are frustrated with HR when onboarding new joiners too slowly. Workers are frustrated doing the jobs of many, and HR feels under appreciated by executives & department leaders.

Of course this has nothing to do with working hard enough, but instead is about HR lacking the time, budget & staff to fix what needs to be fixed.

Ahh… but there is a fix. And know the worse it is now, the better it can become soon.

According to, companies with a formal onboarding program retain 50% of their new recruits AND those recruits achieve 62% more productivity.

So, how do you up your onboarding game? Workzoom’s Recruiting could solve all your problems

Ways To Improve Your New Hire Experience

  • Determine clear criteria for what successful onboarding looks like
  • Define ways to set clear expectations for workers
  • Link expectations to specific measures for workers to do & be their best
  • Define key relationships that will help them serve others
  • Determine how to help workers achieve work-life balance
  • Identify & assemble the right people to become the onboarding team
  • Establish ways to support new hires to-and-through the HR onboarding process
  • Explain why they were hired and the roles they’ll fill
  • Have them watch welcome videos, complete documents and whatever is needed
  • Track activities to make sure everything is moving forward—and if not, why not
  • Monitor activities to know if your process is accomplishing your goals


Use A Dedicated Employee Onboarding Platform To Automate, Monitor & Track Your Onboarding Efforts

  • Automate everything to make onboarding simple, complete and trackable
  • Find everything needed—easily & quickly
  • Know at all times how everything’s going with visual dashboards
  • Make it easy for applicants before, during and after hiring them
  • Make it easy for managers to interview talent and communicate with colleagues
  • Make it easy for HR with a structured recruiting and onboarding tools—for everything
  • Make use of data to see trends and improve the process over time
  • Use preconfigured, proven best practices vs. starting from scratch
  • Configure all that to work with any existing processes

We created Workzoom so people can ENJOY their jobs. People like you, your supervisors and your employees.

Spend your days working more with people than with broken systems. Wake up refreshed each morning excited to do what you’re built for. Feel respected by executives, department leaders and workers for doing a great job.

All while knowing employees will feel prepared & confident to do their jobs. Everyone feeling that HR helps, not burdens, them. And where good workers attract more good workers, like friends and past colleagues. If this interests you, Workzoom Talent could boost your organizations success.

Ready to convert tedious, error-prone processes into automated, efficient ones? Book your demo today.