How Transport RDL automates People Management with Workzoom

“For Transport RDL, Workzoom will be an excellent partner to complete our digital plan. Employees life’s cycle management is key to empower people and we were looking for a system able to manage this. Workzoom has a complete solution to do it. The team invested the time to understand us, and demonstrated that Workzoom is the right partner to help us achieve our key objectives.” Maxime Chouinard – Transport RDL

Who Is Transport RDL?

Transport RDL (RDL) is a renowned transportation and courier business in Quebec, Canada. RDL has specialized in the refrigerated and food transport services and parcel courier services since 1989. RDL is a family owned and operated business that offers personalized and optimized transport service to meet the needs for all volume deliveries by trailer or closed truck. Their success means more trucks on the road, more drivers, and more routes. In the past, their HR, scheduling, and payroll activities felt manageable. Now their growing team needs a software capable of handling all of their people management needs. It’s time to bring their attention back to what really matters most to them - their customers.

How will Workzoom help Transport RDL?

Workzoom will help Transport RDL shift their focus back to their customers while supporting their future growth. By consolidating and automating their people management with Workzoom, RDL will establish an administrative home base. Employees will enjoy the ability to access everything from their personal info to company resources from any device, alleviating pressure on administrators to provide help with daily tasks. Management will have more time to spend with their people thanks to streamlined administrative tasks like recruiting, new-hire onboarding and reviewing leave requests. RDL will leverage Workzoom’s powerful scheduling tools to be sure the right people are working at the right time.

Master schedules and real-time schedule maintenance will ensure operations are running smoothly 24/7. Accurate scheduling and time tracking will feed payroll and make for simplified, accurate payroll processing all within one seamless solution. With Workzoom, RDL will gain an engaging, centralized resource for their whole team with powerful scheduling tools to keep operations running smoothly. All levels of the organization will save countless hours of chasing and entering data so they can get back to focusing on their customer experience.

About Workzoom

Workzoom is the leading all-in-one people management software to consolidate and automate your HR, Payroll, Workforce and Talent. Workzoom takes care of your administrative heavy lifting to save you countless hours of tracking and organizing company and personnel information while eliminating repetitive data entry. Reclaim your time while gaining powerful business insight so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.